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Trailer | Introducing Yoga 5 – A Beginners Guide to Yoga

Beth started practicing yoga at university during a difficult time when she was feeling worn down and worn out. Yoga graced her experience by helping to slow things down, creating space for introspection and reflection, and providing strength to carry on when things felt a bit much. For Beth, yoga is about more than a physical set of exercises. It is a journey full of compassion, self discovery and strength on the road to our true and highest potential.

Wanting to share the wisdom of this ancient art-science-medicine, Yoga 5 is an online campaign to provide an introduction for beginners building on some of yoga’s key tools for both physical and mental health. Below, you will find 5 short tutorials on yoga flow (or sun salutations), stretching, strengthening, relaxation, and breathing and mindfulness, to ground your practice with the foundational components of yoga and begin your journey to strength. Make use of the playlist for a full sequence or zone in on an individual tutorial depending on how you are feeling today. Most importantly, listen to your body and take time to come back to you.

1 | Sun Salutations and Vinyasa Flow for Beginners with Aarna Yoga

2 | Stretch Sequence for Beginners with Aarna Yoga

3 | Strength Sequence for Beginners with Aarna Yoga 

4 | Relax and Unwind with Aarna Yoga

5 | Guided Yoga Meditation for Beginners with Aarna Yoga

I really hope this helped and you’re feeling a bit lighter, brighter and stronger now. Come back soon! 🙂