Should I Stay or Should I go?

I absolutely love it here. I love the warmth of the summer air and the charm of this ancient city that melts my heart as it wraps its arms around me. I love the language, the landscape, and the oh so french culture of appreciating good food while sipping from a glass of wine on the terrace. I love the people and the family of friends I have made as they welcomed me into their home. I simply love France.

The past three months have flown by in a turbulence of home hunting, job searching, and dating random french men who wanted to brush up on their English. I suppose its only natural to experience feelings of anxiety in such a situation of change, even in a place I adore. But this feeling of apprehension for a life in France is something I thought I’d look into. Having felt into what is important, family and friends, work that I enjoy, and time and space to practice and teach yoga, I know it would make my life easier perhaps to come home.

I mean, it was a romanticised idea to work in a cafe in France and teach some yoga classes on the side. The french cafe culture is very different to the British coffee culture, and there’s simply not enough work going round in small city centre like Montpellier. But I have a job, I have somewhere to live, and I’m just about scraping by financially for now. I’ve met some wonderful people who continue to support and inspire me, and I know what I want.

A few weeks back I booked a flight home to the UK, but as the time to leave approaches nearer, I am starting to realise just how much I want to stay. I want to stay in France and teach yoga. So let’s try. Let’s at least try. Because I love it here, and I’m not ready to give up. It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s where my heart belongs. All I need is a little bit of patience, faith, and confidence in what I already have to share; My journey, my experience, my knowledge, and my love and support for your health and happiness.

It’s time to let go of what I thought life had in store for me and flow faithfully into what I will inevitably become, without resistance, without haste, but in truth of who I am and what delights my soul. If it really doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I can always come back home. But the start is often the hardest part and sometimes we have to fight our way through the brambles to reach the clearing in the woods, where we can lie down and surrender to the skies above.

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