Why I Decided to Leave my Job in England and Move to France

It was a good life. I’d been out of uni for 18 months and in that time I had completed my yoga teacher training, worked as a fitness instructor, and gained 12 months sales experience with a company I really love. I was earning decent money and enjoying Leeds where I could pretty much do anything I wanted in my free time – I don’t ask for much apart from good friends, yoga and food! If I’d waited a couple of months, it wasn’t long before I might have moved into a different role with the company in London, where many of my good friends are also living. Everything was running pretty smoothly and I was on a good track.

But I was restless, and the job I was doing wasn’t stimulating enough for me to bear another few months when I had more exciting ventures to pursue. Daydreaming in the office, my mind would wander to the yoga classes I wanted to teach, the projects I wanted to run, and the places I wanted to go. At some point I had to ask myself when I would stop daydreaming and actually go out and make it happen, so when I realised that what I really wanted to do was to travel, immerse myself in yoga, and write, that’s what I did. I booked my flights to India, and set off for 12 weeks, where I had the most amazing and profound experience learning not just from great teachers, but from life in the country itself, the people I met, and the challenges we faced together.

I thought I would be ready to get back to ‘normal life’ when I returned to England, but I’d got out, and I didn’t want to get stuck again when there were other places I knew I wanted to be. I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to live in France, so again I asked myself, “if not now, when?” The time is always ripe to live your life the way you want it to be, so here I am.

The plan is to work in hospitality/teaching English while I build my yoga profile, but every day that passes still with no job security, I have to ask myself if I’m knocking on the right doors, and if I’m not, where should I be knocking? I would launch myself into teaching yoga full time if I wanted to make a business out of it, but I don’t; I’m not going to start chasing money from yoga at a time when making money actually is my priority. The truth is though, I am confident that I’m where I’m supposed to be right now. Montpellier doesn’t feel like somewhere I have chosen to be as much it feels somewhere I have been led to, as if life is waiting here for me.

So I will keep waltzing patiently, faithful that the clues are in the dance itself. So long as I stay present, so long as I surrender to the dance, so long as I feel for the gentle push and pull of the one who leads me, I will always be where I am supposed to be.

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