Time. We see it running away from us sometimes when we feel stuck where we are. We try to claw onto time, because there’s somewhere we want to be, or something we want to achieve, and we always seem to want to get there as quickly as possible. When I meet people who are running their own businesses for example, I always want to know how old they are so I have some sort of landmark as to what I might be able to achieve by the time I reach the same age. But actually, time is a pest, like that person who keeps reminding you of your next deadline when you’ve still got TIME. You know something needs to be done, and you’re doing it, but come on, can I just do it in my own time, please?

The reality is though that we are in fact bound by time. I made the move to France 11 days ago, because it felt right at the time. 11 days isn’t long, and I don’t like to rush because it stresses me out, but I do have to find a job pronto as I currently have just £300 to live off until I am paid, presuming I get something before my THIRD lot of rent is due on the 1st July. The pressure of time puts me in a situation where I might not find my ideal job, and yet they say that ‘destiny is what you create for yourself, and fate is when you fail to create your own destiny.’ So, will I create my destiny, or do I fall victim to fate?

Honestly, I don’t think it matters. The fact is that both destiny and fate are two sides of the same coin. At whatever point you find yourself in life, it is the result of both things that have happened to you, and things you have made happen. Neither our destiny nor our fate escapes us. We do have to be aware though of when is the right time to create our destiny, and when is the right time to let fate take its course. Overall, I know the destiny I want to create, but right now I need to find a way to live in France. I do believe the opportunity that presents itself to me will be my fate, and I choose to accept it. I mean, what could be so bad? After all, wherever we arrive, we are always free to fly again.

The magic is in the movement. If you set yourself in motion towards the direction of your goals, you will at some point definitely arrive. But the true beauty is in the journey, and living the story of it all fully; without haste, reading carefully word by word, in complete acceptance of where you are now, and excited to see where you will be when you turn the page.

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